CALSA, calcium silicate cladding

Check our innovative solution for cladding. Internal/external wall cladding, roofing, flooring. High qualiy, low cost and it is Eco friendly!

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Maintaining your Shed

Practical tips to keep your sheds in good conditions and have them for more years to go.

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Insulating the roof of your shed can reduce heat by up to 11 degrees in summer.

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Construction Materials

Pacific Building offers 2 options to our customers in the domestic range of sheds and garages. You can choose our standard C Section construction similar to most competitors or our Tubular steel heavy weight construction “ULTRAFRAME”® if you want a premium quality and strength for a similar price.

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Concrete Slab and Footings

Pacific Building will supply you with engineering for your concrete slab. Concrete slabs can be poured in 2 ways:

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Wall Cladding

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Terrain Category

Terrain Category Definition (All Pacific Building Buildings are priced as Terrain Category 2. We do not recommend category 3, 3.5 or 4)

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